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Himanshu Tiwari & Market Prophecy Brand Name Are working In Filed of Research over Astrology & Stock Market Relations.

Here in this blog i'm publishing articles related to Stocks/Index/Commodity & Currencies as well as General Astrology & Numerology.  All the articles which are published by me are based on Numerology and Astrology Concepts. After SEBI regulation came on advisors, I stopped publishing buy or sell signals & Stopped making members on Stocks but yes i still publishing research articles without buy/sell mark for education & discussion purpose. 

Yes, Still making members for INDEX & GLOBAL COMMODITY markets. But not making members for Buy/ Sell Signals in Stocks or Securities. SEBI don't provided clear direction for adviser who use Astrology or other traditional methods of predictions that is why i'm publishing research articles but not making intraday buy/sell calls for stocks neither for free not for any premium members.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Our Positional Stock Future & Cash Research Performance - New Service Launched. Must Read

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Good morning friends,  here today i a updating our positional recommendations past performance which created decent wealth for our followers and clients. Here we are launching a new service for traders who have capital moreover 2 lac or who can trade in stock futures with over 2 lots in positional purpose for a time frame of 7-20 days.

We will provide selected calls which will be based on NUMEROLOGY-ASTROLOGY & TECHNICAL ANALYSIS to ensure more accuracy.

Our Calls will be well risk & Reward managed where we will follow minimum 3:1 Reward & Risk ration.

You will get 4-5 Calls monthly or some time may be lesser but all calls will be well analyzed & optimized by me and my core technical analyst team.

Our Charges :- For each and every call we will charge only 16% from net realized profit. so its a very simple concept where first you will earn then you will pay us.

Example :-  Buy BPCL Future @ 600 Stop Loss 585 Target 660. Lot Size 1200

Exit Call- Friends  Book Profit In BPCL@ 660 As Target Achieved. Profit = 1200*60 = 72000 Per lot. & 144000 in 2 Lots.

So Our Part will be 16% of 144000= 24480 Rs Service Charge.

Now if you want to say Big " YES" then just call us immediate to - 


Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Financials.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Indian Market Analysis - 4th July 2017 - Bullish In Crude oil Target $49.50--$50+

Good morning friends, yesterday Nifty just moved sharply higher during entire day and this movement reflects that buyers are in power this time, well this up trend will remain in power upto 9660--9700 levels but around 9670--9698 we can some profit booking on index's so trade carefully between these levels. Well if Nifty spot close above 9710 then we will see further highs toward 9770---9800 but for that Nifty spot need to close above 9710 level.

Today if markets open higher then one can go short near 9670--9685 with stop loss 9710 for immediate sell off upto 70-100 points.

Stock Analysis - MARUTI SUZUKI

Yesterday Maruti has closed above its resistance number, so today keep eyes on Maruti share because above 7363 it may move upto 7500 levels in coming time.

Technically Positive Counters - TATAPOWER/WIPRO/MARUTI

Crude oil Analysis - 
Number wise crude had moved above it's important resistance for weekly traders. one can see upside of 5-6% in coming days. cmp $46.90 can long Crude for targets of $49--$51 levels.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy - Rajasthan 
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Indian Markets Analysis 20th June 2017 - Special Attraction -TATAPOWER & WIRPO

Good Morning Friends, Yesterday Nifty has shown some crispy moves in higher side and this all happened due to planetary combinations. Well while updating this post Nifty was closed around 9657 levels as per spot levels. Well conjunction between MARS-MERCURY & SUN in the house of GEMINI may create a short term tide in higher side and to confirm this movement now Nifty spot have to sustain above 9620 levels. So from here onward upside hurdles are 9715--9732 only.....Once Nifty close above 9730 will create heavy upside movement upto 9800--9900 levels.

swing traders can buy Nifty with stop-loss of 9620 and hold for upside gains ....!!
Well if we have look on technical charts then also we found that Yesterday markets has completed their weekly consolidation and now ready for another movement in upside.

Well in this upside as per numbers and analysis must have eyes on - TATA POWER & WIPRO.

Last close around 254.
Bottom Number 240.
Next Wave Expectation upto 275--280.

" Must do your own analysis before making any trading decision in above mentioned stock "
"These are numerology based research. We will not liable for any loss or profit"

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Friday, 9 June 2017

Nifty Analysis - 9620 Will Be Decisive Level - TATA POWER Review - 9th JUNE 2017

Good morning friends, my forecasts are doing well these days as most of my forecast which based on numerology numbers are doing very good and beneficial for my clients.

Well now Nifty traders or followers keep eyes on 9620 a decisive level.
Once Nifty break this level will confirm a very short correctional trend upto 9550--9500 levels.

Upper side problem will remain same around 9710--9735 levels.

I will definitely update more during Markets for my members.

TATA POWER cmp trading around 78.50 and as per numbers stock are near very supportive range annd from this range i don't see any major fall more than 3-4% but upside demand can increase by 10--15% in coming time. Here i recommend you to watch this stock and do some research because 77---75 will play very strong role, so one can make a positive decision around these levels for short term purpose.

Last month reviewed TALBROS AUTO around 184 is now trading around 205......!!

Hope you all enjoyed that illustration and made some beneficial study out of that.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Indian Market Analysis - 7th June 2017 - RPPINFRA reviewed @ 215 Now @ 250.

Good morning friends,  My  review of RPPINFRA@ 215 now buzzing at 248 near within 72 Hour of trading session. Well here i advise to revise your your strategy as per your risk profile.

Well here yesterday we have made approx 35 points in NIFTY by going short around 9700 levels.
Today support will come around 9621 levels.............Below 9621 Nifty will face heavy pain of 40-50-60 points.

Stock Review ...........TATA POWER will see bounce from 77--76 levels........Cmp around 79.50 on dips of 3-5% one can review for positive side.

Will update more to my members and on Twitter.......!!

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Monday, 5 June 2017

Indian Market Analysis - 05th JUNE 2017

Good morning friends, well this time again it's party time for commodity traders as i have published a forecast about positive movement in Gold upto $1280--$1290 and my forecast had came true today as Gold trading above $1282 while updating this post......Here i advise you to keep profit booking in Gold trading call.

Indian Stock Markets -

Today positive cues from global markets indicate small upside gain but major problem range will be 9708--9731 in upper side, where down side support will be 9621.....Below 9621 one can short for immediate panic of 25--30 points.

Will update more to my members and on twitter...!!

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Financials.
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Friday, 2 June 2017

Indian Market Analysis - 02nd JUNE 2017

Good morning friends. Yesterday booked 32 points profit in NIFTY.

Today Globle cues indicate positive opening.
Above 9645 Will see 9700 levels..........But be caution around 9708--9719.

Below 9617 We will see panic..........!!!

Will update more my members........!!!

Have a look on RPPINFRA stock chart..........Looks worse is over around 215--200 range for short term. It can show short covering upto 245---250 levels.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Indian Stock Market Analysis - 01st June 2017

Good morning friends, yesterday stock analysis MCDOWELL-N moved upto 2330 Level from our reviewed level of 2090.
Well i hope you all have made fortune by analyzing that stock your own way but i hope that update must helped you in a good manner.

It was written that above 2090 Mcdowell-N will try to catch 2200 level or more.......!!!(On twitter -30-05-2017)

With in 24 Hours Only Stock Sky Rocketed upto 2330 level.

Today Nifty Spot will face trouble around yesterday's high but i'm thinking that if success to cross 9650 then will easily show 9700 level in next few session.

But yesterday Nifty have seen heavy selling in last 1 hour.........which indicates that be caution at this stage as too many broking firms analyst also recommending 9650 as a selling levels, so some pressure may foreseen around this level.

Well i advise to you watch 9640 level very carefully........Short seller can see 9620 level in spot ....Below this level Sell for Intraday or swing with stop loss 9640.
Here risk in 20 point only but profit side may be upto 9560----9540 levels in coming days.

Will update more on twitter or to members............!!!

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Indian Market Analysis - 31st May 2017

Good morning friends, yesterday we have success to mint some cash in Nifty short side call which i have given on Twitter too @ 9621 which later covered around 9590 levels.

Well here let me show some light @ yesterday post where i given problem level around 9642 level and if you all seen the spot Nifty movement then you must felt that Nifty went too many times around 9630--9635 levels but failed to move ahead of this and just plunged to downward levels.

Well Today too my levels will remain same.....To move positive Nifty has to cross 9642 level.
Downside support exist around 9559--9531.

Yesterday Stock Review ...
Positive Review Given Around@ 172 & Moved upto 180 level Then Closed.

Today's Review....

Focus on McDOWELL-N Stock.....As per the numbers stock has positive breakout above 2090 level.........Short term numbers indicates that if Nifty remain bullish then Stock should do positive upto 2190--2210.

Will Update More To Clients About Market & On Twitter.......!!

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Indian Market Analysis - 30th May 2017

Good morning friends, yesterday markets remained in a range but we succeed to made some crunch in NIFTY trades............Yesterday Sold@9630 covered @ 9605 then again bought@ 9596 and covered@ 9613 level.

Today Nifty will face trouble around 9624--9641 in upside where downside support exist around 9548-9531 level.

Nifty buy only above 9642 level ...........or Intraday buying around 9560--9540 with Stop loss 9534 For gain of 30--35 points.

will update more on twitter live......!!!

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Monday, 29 May 2017

Indian Market Analysis 29th May 2017

Commodity tips
Good morning friends. last Friday my reviews did well as my intraday call on Nifty to long around 9550 clicked a sharp high above 9600 and this is how we were able to mind classic points in nifty trading.......This is the power of numbers.

Here Is My Reviewed Stock Performance

My reviewed TECH Mahindra @ 412 also doing extreme well and made a high of 434 level.

My reviewed INFOSYS@950 also moved above 1000 marks...!!

My Reviewed MANPASAND@770 made a fresh high of 859 in last session..!!

Will Update More On Twitter..!!

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Friday, 26 May 2017

Gold Future Comex Analysis - 26th May 2017

Commodity Tips
Friends after a long time i'm updating on GOLD.
Well while updating this post GOLD was trading @ $1266.

Well Today It's Moved Above a Very Crucial Level Of $1263.
As Per My Observation Next Week It Can Carry This Rally Upto $1280---$1284 Level.
Day Or Weekly Trader Can Buy GOLD Future With Stop Loss Of $1254.

At this time i'm observing only weekly trend and over all at this stage its looking that GOLD is moving in a medium term uptrend untill it's trading above $1230 Level.

Will Update More To Registered Members.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari 
Market Prophecy Rajasthan
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Indian Stock Market Analysis - 26th May 2017

TCS 2630+
TECHM 427+

Good morning friends, yesterday nifty maintained her opening gains till the end of the market and added more and more positive points during entire session. Well it's good that markets are recovered very sharply from 9350 level and even moved above 9462 level yesterday and closed above this level. Well as per numbers today's numbers are -

Upside problem will be 9532--9548 & downside support will be around 9462---9538.

Friends yesterday's session brought out good result of my reviewed stocks -TCS & TECHM. TCS moved above 2630 yesterday it self. Well There are some heat still pending in TECHM where as above 427 it will shine upto 438--440 levels easily.

INFOSYS also @ 985 reviewed positive around 950.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Indian Markets Analysis 25 May 2017

Good morning friends, yesterday Nifty trading was very profitable as you all seen on twitter also that how numbers brings out money out of Nifty for us. Yesterday made almost 58 points in such a choppy Market.

Well Markets are looking bit weak on this level, at this time as per the card pattern it's a sell on rise market for time being, most of stocks are falling, every day Nifty loose it's opening't it's a hint for a single day big crash ?

Well it's better to watch market closely, don't take any big long positions on leverage....Markets are on life time highs and immediate support as per the numbers are 9150--9025 levels.

Yesterday COALINDIA crashed as per our card. I said COAL will show heavy Negative move below 270. AURO PHARMA crashed upto 525 levels.

It's TCS again looking positive on cards ......Above 2573 it may show 2630--2650 level. Kindly have a look on chart your self.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Indian Stock Market Analysis 24th May 2017

intraday tips, nifty tips, commodity tips, free trading tips

Good morning friends, yesterday i have submitted two Nifty calls and both went successful in choppy market. Well yesterday's first call was NIFTY sell call @ 9440 with target 9400 which achieved in minutes only and there after during afternoon session i have twitted to buy Nifty @ 9375 and exactly Nifty made a low of 9374.95 and reversed sharply upto 9430 levels.

This way yesterday made almost 75-80 points profit in Nifty alone. Well now just have a look on recent Stocks analysis performance -

Positive Forecast On TCS made @ 2360 and Moved upto 2570.(15th May)
Negative Forecast Made On MCX@1100 and Present Price 970 ( 15th May)
Negative Forecast TORRENT POWER@200 went down to 191 Level.
Negative Forecast AUROPHARMA@600 Crashed Upto 540 Within 48 Hours.
Live Positive Forecast In SBI@188 Moved Sharply Upto 294 ( Intraday Forecast 23th May 2017)

Negative Forecast TATASTEEL@496 Crashed upto 477 
Positive Forecast TECHM@412 is now trading at 416

Forecast Which Are Open For Medium Terms -

Forecast Which Closed - COAL INDIA( Was Positive @ 274 With Stop Loss 270 ) 

Today Nifty will face problem around 9437--9465 level in upside.......downside hope is only 9374--9352 Level once breaks below 9350 Level we will see heavy panic upto 9290---9275 levels.

Will update more on Twitter.

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari
Market Prophecy Rajasthan

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