Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Friends as you all know this year i have published M PAPER 2017 which is a refined version of our regular Books. as we promised that M PAPER is very selective and we are expecting over 90% accuracy for the year, here i'm updating JANUARY month performance of M-PAPER 2017.


For This month we have picked 3rd, 11th and 12th January as a positive date for Nifty and 4th January as a negative date.

Now let's have a look how Nifty has performed on above mentioned dates.

3rd January ( Predicted Positive ) - Opened @ 8196 and closed @ 8192 ( -4 Points) = 4 point loss

4th January (Predicted Negative) opened@8203 Closed 8191( - 12 points ) = 12 point profit.

11th January ( Predicted Positive ) Opened@8335 & Closed @ 8387 ( +52 points) 52 point profit.

12th January ( Predicted Positive ) Opened@8403 & Closed @ 8420(+17 point) = 17 point Profit.

Commodity PAPER 2017 

Gold & Silver Forecast For January'17

For Gold- Silver i have predicted 11th & 12th as a positive date and 27th as a negative date.
Now lets have a look on performance.

11th January 2017 -Opened@28158 & closed @ 28300 ( 142 Point Profit )
12th January( Predicted Positive ) opened @ 28350 Closed @ 28393 ( 43 Points Profit )

27th January( Predicted Negative ) Opened @ 28250 Closed 28353 ( -103 Points Loss )

Crude Oil PAPER 2017 

Positive forecast for 11th & 12th and Negative For 25th January . Lets have a look on performance 

11th January ( Predicted Positive ) Opened@3500 & Closed@ 3589 ( 89 Points Profit)
12th January Opened@3565 & Closed @ 3613 ( 48 Points Profit )

25th January ( Predicted Negative ) Opened@3631 & Closed @ 3629( 2 point Profit )
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My Previous Forecast For NIFTY Rally Proven Right. Now Focus On This Beauty.

Good morning friends, earlier on 6th January when Nifty was trading around 8200 i have published positive forecast with target above 8500 level, and today while writing this post Nifty was trading around 8600 level. here i hope you all have benefited by that forecast.

Well at this moment time to focus on a stock which i'm following from last 2 months. But now i'm expecting that any time in next 10-20 days it may show big upside moves.


I'm following this counter from 4500 level and after that it had moved upto 9000 levels and now its trading around 6900 which seems very attractive.
Here one can focus on this stock as i'm very positive for this stock and expecting decent bounce in upcoming months. My conviction indicate 5 digit Target in Medium term.
( Do make your own research before investing.)

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Friday, 6 January 2017

M-PAPER 2017 IS LIVE FOR PURCHASE - Nifty Is Ready To Fly Above 8500

 Friends M-PAPER  2017 is Live For Purchase Now.

- This Paper Containing Total 116 Trading Calls Where 54 Predictions are For Nifty and 62 Predictions are for Commodity Market.

So TOTAL 116 Predictions are there inside this small paper which can guide you for some selected opportunities for the year 2017.

We are expecting over 85% accuracy this time in this 6th Edition of Prediction book.

We have decided a very attractive price offer also for this paper which is only 50rs for each prediction.

so TOTAL amount is 116*50 = 5800 Rupee.

-If you want to buy only Nifty then you have to pay amount for only 54 calls which will be -
(54*50= 2700 Rupee.)

- If you want to buy only Commodity forecast then you have to pay for only 62 Forecast -
(62*50 = 3100 Rupee.)

Om Namah Shivay
Himanshu Tiwari

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Saturday, 31 December 2016

We Wish You a Happy New Year 2017

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Friday, 30 December 2016

2017 - This Time More Accurate & More Refined " M PAPER 2017 To Be Online From 5th January'17

Friends, its been a period of time i have updated anything because i was preparing something refined and something like more easy to access and accurate for trading markets. Finally i'm at that result and i'm going to reveal that on Thursday 5th January.

Whats special in this new Version of  2017 Prediction....??

- Friends earlier i used to publish a 60-70 pages book on annual forecast of Nifty, Gold, Silver and various commodities where we were getting an accuracy of around 70-75%.... But this time it is more summarized.......... More Refines and more selective to increase Accuracy upto 85-90% and to decrease losses.

- This time i have converted all those pages into some selected Dates or you can say into some selected opportunities so you can easily access those for your profits.

So Friends just wait till 5th January to grab that which we have named = "M PAPER 2017" 

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy

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A Closer Look On Our 2016 Pediction Book's Performance

Stocks Forecast For Positive Side Which Worked Perfectly During 2016 ( From Prediction Book 2016 )

1 Sun TV  Recommended To Invest During July To October'16 = Moved From 370 To 558

2 Eros Int ( Entertainment ) Mid March To April End = Moved From 166 To 189

3 Inox Recommended from Mid March to April = Moved From 194 To 216+

4 Century tex ( Textile Stocks ) March- April = Moved From 518 To 622

5 KRBL ( Agro Stocks ) May - June = Moved From 230 To 300+.

Our Earlier Forecasts From 2015 Books Which Performed Extremely Positive

Ujaas Energy - Recommended @ 15 And Moved Upto 50+ with in 12 Months.
Mannappuram Gold - Recommended @ 27 and Moved Upto 100+ with in 12 months.

Om Namah Shivay


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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Nifty Broken It's Negative Cycle, Above 8730 Indicate One Side Fire Upto 9100+

Good Morning Friends, is been a long time to this update due to professional reasons. Well here i'm going to update something positive about the markets because Nifty has broken it's negative cycle which indicate that now it will keep trading in Positive zone, Well it's negative cycle length was 400 points, so now it will move 400 points in positive side from 8730, So according to cycle theory Nifty targets would be 8730+400 = 9130 in 1 month.

So one can have a positive look on Indian markets for time being.

Om Namah Shivay
Market Prophecy

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